When Should Your Child First Visit a Family Dentist Near Bolingbrook?

family dentist bolingbrookRegular dental care is essential to good oral health, and as any parent would, you want to make sure your child gets the healthcare they need for a lifetime of beautiful smiles. Scheduling your appointment with a family dentist after one of these three events is the best way to start your child’s journey towards healthy teeth and gums.

When Your Baby’s First Teeth Come In

The first dental visit for a child should be scheduled soon after their first teeth appear, typically around 4-6 months of age. Early visits are important for ensuring the teeth are coming in as they should. The dentist can provide guidance on cleaning your baby’s teeth and gums gently and offer advice on preventing early childhood cavities.

At Age One

This visit helps in monitoring the growth and development of your child’s teeth and jaws. Early dental visits also help children get comfortable with the experience, reducing anxiety in future visits. During this visit, the dentist will conduct a thorough examination and provide tips on nutrition and oral care habits to prevent tooth decay.

At Signs of Tooth Decay or a Broken or Damaged Tooth

Any time you spot signs of tooth decay, such as white or brown spots on teeth, or your child breaks or damages a tooth, it’s crucial to get a dental appointment right away. Prompt dental care can limit further damage as well as infection and pain.

Do You Need a Family Dentist Serving Bolingbrook?

Bolingbrook Dental Care welcomes new patients seeking family dentistry. Our dental office is a comfortable place for all ages to experience the best in patient-centered care. And for your convenience, we also provide oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, traditional braces and Invisalign, sealants, root canal therapy, dentures, scaling and root planing. Contact us today and take the first step towards your child’s good oral health by booking an appointment with a family dentist.

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