Are Dental Implants Right For You? Learn the Questions Lemont Patients Can Ask

Dental-Implants lemontMissing teeth can take a toll on your comfort, oral health and even self-confidence. And although removable dentures and bridges meet the needs of some patients, not everyone finds them to be a satisfactory solution. If you’re ready to look beyond traditional dentures, dental implants could be right for you. Here are some questions to ask yourself when discussing this with your dental care professional.

Are You Ready for a Long-Term Solution?

Dentures and bridges that are removable require specific care methods to keep them functioning as expected. Implants offer a more permanent solution that can last for many years with proper care. This frees up the time you’d otherwise spend cleaning and caring for removable dentures. 

Do You Grind Your Teeth?

While grinding your teeth doesn’t automatically disqualify you from getting tooth implants, it can affect the durability and longevity of the implanted components. Your dentist may work with you to resolve grinding your teeth before moving forward on implants.

Would You Like Natural-Looking & Feeling Teeth?

One of the reasons why many people choose tooth implants is how natural they appear. Quality implants will be well-matched to your existing teeth for a seamless appearance. In addition, the way they’re secured to your jaw helps them feel and function like natural teeth, which many people find highly desirable for eating and drinking like they used to.

Ready to Speak with a Dentist Near Lemont About Dental Implants?

Bolingbrook Dental Care’s team of doctors are dedicated to your oral health, whether you’re visiting us for family dentistry, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry, traditional braces and Invisalign, sealants, root canal therapy, dentures or scaling and root planing. If you’re wondering whether dental implants are right for you, we welcome current and new patients to schedule a convenient appointment so we can review your individual needs and explore the options available to you. Contact us today!

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